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Portland, Oregon


I am a Spiritual Guide, Coach, Numerologist and Muse.

I have a BIG heart.  I love working with people to ignite their inner light.  Allowing for more joy and happiness to fill their lives.  My gift is in my warmth.  My client’s know that they can safely open-up and be themselves at all times.  And, I infuse every experience with lightness and fun!

I work with people right where they are.  Some are just exploring the idea of spirituality, practice, and self-awareness.  Others have been on this awakened spiritual journey for years.

Workshops, coaching, crystals / stones, intuition, synchronicities and signs, are just some of the powerful tools we use to guide our exploration.  These tools, along with our innate wisdom, work in unison to fuel transformation.  People go from stuck to unstuck.  They experience life from an entirely new perspective.  And, they often come to a place of greater self-love and acceptance.

I would love to meet YOU!  Please fill out my contact form, and let’s get the conversation started!





“Mary is one of those people you meet, who you will never forget.  She is a beam of sunshine, that you can’t help but gravitate toward.  She lights up my life in countless ways.  Holding space for me during difficult times, showing me what courage looks like, and sharing with me her great warmth and wisdom.  I have experienced Mary’s strong intuitive abilities and her masterful numerology sessions.  Mary is an empathetic listener.  I feel seen, respected, and loved by her.  She has my deepest respect and adoration.”  
Heather, USA

My Professional Training

  • Denise Linn Seminars:
    • Soul Coach Certification, 2012
    • Past-Life Regression Coach Certification, 2012
  • Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, New York, Graduate 2011
  • Toastmasters International, Competent Communicator Certification, 2008
  • Blue Mountain Community College, Degree in Human Services, 1978

A Glimpse into my Journey…

Music, God, Nature, Synchronicities and Signs have guided me throughout my life!

As a young girl, one of my happiest memories was singing "Jesus Loves Me" in Sunday School.  I eventually left the conventional church, but took with me, the knowing that I was loved by something greater than myself.  I had felt it in the music! 

As a teenager, with my older siblings out of the house, music continued to be a great comfort and release.  Nature became my church.  I would escape the drama of living in an alcoholic home by hiking in the hills.  I felt at home in nature.  I could cry and talk to God, while watching the hawks, deer and coyotes go about their business.  I was also blessed to stumble across the book, "The Magic of Believing”, in my grandmother’s library.  It peaked my curiosity and initiated a life-long interest in studying the mind and our ability to create change in our lives!  Music, dancing, books, and my love of nature, restored me and saved my life growing up!

One of my favorite teachings comes from an ancient writing called "Desiderata".  It states, "We are no less than the trees and the stars, and we have a right to be here!”  This was another confirmation to me, that we are here for a purpose, and that we are not alone.


Talk of metaphysics was not common-place amongst my peers.  It was a long-time, before I felt safe, sharing my interests and ‘universal oneness beliefs’ with my people.  However, I was blessed that both my mother and brother were open to metaphysical discussions and shared in my curiosity.

In college, I pursued a Degree in Human Services.  I wanted to become a counselor.  But, before I could help others, I knew I needed to first "look within".  Then, I found out I was pregnant, and ‘looking within’ was put on the back-burner.  My life was consumed with working and raising my son as a single-mother.

Fortunately, two-years after having my son, I met and married my husband.  We had a son together during our first year of marriage.  I was delighted to have two healthy and beautiful children.  At the same time, I had begun struggling with depression.  I couldn't figure out why I wasn’t happy.  Everything on the outside looked fine. 

At 28 years-old, I finally reached out for help. I started attending twelve-step meetings for Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA).  The meetings became my safe place, where I could release my repressed feelings from childhood.  I also had a strong desire to learn how to create a healthy and stable home for my family.  I knew I needed to break the cycle of dysfunction I had learned from my family of origin.

I was fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom.  It allowed me the time to delve deep into the world of self-discovery and pursue my interests and curiosities.  Numerology, an ancient system of character analysis, came into my life quite by surprise.  I found it easy to understand and was amazed by its accuracy.  I found it helped with ALL of my relationships.  I more deeply understood my loved one’s and friends.  I stopped taking things so personally.  I shared numerology with everyone I knew.  I began doing numerology charts for people.  I witnessed their aha moments and improved relationships.

Today, I feel deeply inspired by the magic and synchronicities in my life.  I have found a wonderful tribe of people, interested in self-discovery, mystical experiences, and metaphysics.  It’s heavenly to be a part of a tribe, where I can be myself, and talk about absolutely everything!

My passion today is to share my journey with others.  To support them.  To share tools with them.  To ignite their inner light!  To create a supportive space for developing inner peace, accessing wisdom, and creating happiness within.   

I am now 56 years-old.  Laughter, fun, and connection are a huge part of my life.  I follow the signs that confirm all is well in my world.  Signs like… the breeze that caresses my cheek, the hawk sitting on a post alongside the highway, the car in front of me that has a spirit-filled sequence of numbers, and they go on and on.  The signs are proof that I am not alone.

Each day, I wake up with a sense of wonder.  I am excited about the people and experiences that enter my swirl!