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Portland, Oregon


What is your Lifepath Number?

Mary Thurman

As a Numerologist, I am keenly aware of a person’s lifepath.  Knowing your lifepath number, will change the way you view yourself and others.  For instance, my son Nick, is a 5 lifepath.  5’s love to experience freedom and adventure.  Numerology has helped me to respect and honor Nick’s specific character traits, passions, and journey.

In fact, a few years ago, Nick wanted to celebrate his 25th birthday by having his family and friends join him for a SKYDIVING adventure!  My first thought was ‘NO’.  It was a knee jerk reaction. 

See…as a little girl, I desired to spend time with my mom, have new adventures, live life to the fullest.  But, my mom would say NO to my requests, out of fear and reluctance to try new things.  I had carried on that same pattern, to a certain degree, with my own kids.

In considering Nick’s request, I thought back to how I felt when my mom would say NO.  And, knowing Nick’s numerology blueprint allowed me to better understand why a family skydiving trip would be important to him.  That was enough for me.  I wanted Nick to feel loved.  So, even though I was afraid, love won. 

I said “YES” to the skydiving adventure.  And, YES, I really did jump out of that plane.  I am so grateful now that I did!  It was FUN, expansive, and good for my spirit.

Cheers to new adventures and understanding!