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Portland, Oregon


Ignite Your Inner Light


My name is Mary Thurman. 

I am one of those people who believes nothing happens by accident.  That if you have landed here, on this page, you are seeking answers in your life.  Answers to something that may have been nagging at you for some time.

I am passionate about assisting people with the process of lifting the veil of forgetfulness, and remembering the beauty of who they really are.

You see, I believe that we are all BORN believing we can have, be, and do anything.  But, along the way, many of us have bought in to the lies that have been told to us by our parents, teachers, partners, and others who impact our life.  Many of us actually believe, that we are not smart enough, that we are broken, that we are too old, too fat, too tall, too short, too…

None of this is true! 

I believe that we are unlimited, and that it is our fear-based thinking, that stops us from making important changes.  But, if we breakthrough, if we make those changes, life opens up in incredible ways.  This is where through numerology, guidance, and coaching… I can support you.

Our lives blossom through connection.  Please contact me by email today, so that we may connect, and determine if working together would benefit YOU.

All My Love,


“Mary’s compassionate heart is the first thing you notice when meeting her.  She is an amazing soul coach and has the ability to make you feel safe as you do your personal work.  Knowing her has changed my life!”  Brenda, Canada