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Portland, Oregon




Numerology is an ancient system of character analysis that speaks to one’s purpose and lessons in life.  I offer intuitive and transformative numerology sessions.  I use numerology as my tool and guide.  You will walk away from our session, with a greater understanding of yourself and others.  And, the divine order that relates specifically to your numbers.  This is a truly illuminating experience. 

The knowledge you gain from knowing and learning about your ‘numerology blueprint’, will greatly assist you in moving forward on your life’s journey.  We all have a certain way of being in the world.  You can use this information to inform your next steps in life.  Sessions are offered remotely by phone or over Skype.   

  • In-depth Individual Numerology Session - $125 (recording available)
  • 30-minute Individual Numerology Session - $62 (recording available)
  • Couples Compatibility Numerology Session - $260 (recording available)
  • Numerology Parties - This is a FUN and unique way to engage and energize your guests.  $20 per person, minimum of 8 people
“Mary is amazing!  She has phenomenal skills as a Numerologist with great compassion and a sense of FUN.  She was able to give me the answers to some life-long questions that I had about myself.  It was a truly liberating experience.  I thoroughly recommend her!”  Jan, United Kingdom

Goddess Workshops

Goddess workshops take place over a six-week period from the comfort of your own home.  During that time, workshop participants undergo a life transformation.  Participants open up in new ways, move past obstacles, become un-stuck, discover their way forward...all while being supported and loved by fellow participants.  This is a way to truly invest in yourself and re-affirm your place on this planet.  Weekly conference calls and a private FB group are part of the experience. 

  • $350 per person, Early-Bird pricing $260 per person
“Mary’s course is amazing!  I learned so much about myself and my desires that I had never taken the time to reflect on before.  I know I will carry what I have learned and experienced with me for life.  Thank you!” 
Megan - Hillsboro, OR

Intuitive Coaching

I provide intuitive coaching sessions to assist you in moving past any blocks (that stuck place), and together we determine the steps necessary for you to move forward into the life of your dreams.  It is helpful to have a skilled and intuitive coach on your side, to sort things out, and help with guidance around ‘how to get out of your own way’.  I have my own coach, because I know the value of having someone to talk with about the important things. 

As I move forward in my own life, having a coach has made all of the difference, between talking about making a change and actually doing it.  Coaching is my passion!  I look forward to our connection.  Nothing is more satisfying to me, than to see a client get back on track and expand in their life!

Sessions are offered remotely by phone or over Skype.  Pre-requisite: Individual Numerology Session

  • $125 per session or 6 session package at $116 per session (recording available)

Soul Journeys or Past-Life Regression

Very powerful!  I help you to access information from your authentic self (your true nature).  I do this by facilitating an intuitive and personally guided exploratory journey for you.  The session is offered remotely by phone or over Skype.  

  • $161 per session

The Healing Hour

This is a one-hour fun workshop created for caregivers.  The workshop’s purpose is to inspire, energize, and lift-up the amazing people who care for others.  It literally makes participants feel lighter!  We also cover tips for self-care.  This workshop will be offered in 2016 and to private groups (upon request). 

  • $20 per person, minimum of 8 people

Home Clearing

I offer a spiritual home clearing and blessing session (in-person) that results in an immediate feeling of freshness and lightness throughout the home.  The home clearing allows for peace to fill the space, along with allowing room for new or enhanced relationships, business ventures, and/or home sale (if you desire to sell your home). 

  • My fee starts at $224.  A customized quote will be given, based on the size of your home and location.
"I very much appreciated Mary's loving, thoughtful touch when completing our house clearing and home blessing ceremony.  It just didn't feel like home until then!  Thanks so much Mary."
Andy, Portland Oregon

Collage Workshops

I offer home collaging workshops for groups who are interested in getting their juices flowing with a visual representation of their goals, dreams, and desires.  I share with you my training around picture and word placement, and provide my loving and intuitive feedback. 

  • Please contact me for more information and a custom quote.